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10 Easy Rolf Method Sessions of Structural Integration on Maui

"The body is malleable and capable of being changed, if manipulated properly, from stiff and rigid to relaxed and free moving." Dr. Rolf

My name is Laura and I offer Dr. Ida Rolf's Method of Structural Integration Sessions on Maui, Hawaii. The Rolf Method is the original form of Structural Integration which aligns You With Gravity Resulting in Better Posture, Less Strain, Tension and Discomfort. All areas of Maui are served including Wailea, Makena, Kihei, Kahului, Wailuku, Lahaina, Kaanapali, Napili, Kapalua, Paia, Haiku and all of UpCountry Maui.

If you are interested in Structural Integration sessions on Maui or would like find out more information about the Rolf Method please contact me: 

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Hawaii License MAT 9554

The Rolf Method of Structural Integration

Laura at Maui Massage

Who is a good candidate for receiving the Rolf Method 10 sessions Recipe?

Anyone wishing to make a change in their body and feel more balanced and grounded is a good candidate. Structural Integration is not for acute symptoms but most people in discomfort find the Rolf Method of Structural Integration because they have searched and searched for something to help them be free of a chronic, nagging situation and this work usually helps (unless of course physiology interferes).

What to expect from your Structural Integration session.

The Rolf Method of Structural Integration is very different from a standard massage session. Your body will change. You may feel (and actually be) taller, slimmer and lighter while possessing a more dynamic sense of movement and being.

No draping is used, women wear either a 2 piece bikini or bra and panties while men wear either briefs or running shorts with built in nylon underwear (no boxers or spandex). While receiving the sessions you will be asked to participate in the process by moving a specific muscle or using your core to move a limb when asked. You will also be asked to get up off the table periodically during the session so your practitioner may watch you walk and see how the work is progressing through your body thus achieving optimal results.

The goal of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration 10 session Recipe is nothing less than the integration of the field of the body with the field of the Earth. Rolfing creates order in a random body. Dr. Ida P. Rolf strongly believed that the body is plastic and capable of change through the connective tissue matrix (fascia), her life's work was dedicated to this belief.

Why 10 sessions?

The 10 sessions "The Recipe" revealed itself to Dr. Rolf while she worked and worked on various friends, family, students and strangers who came to her for help when traditional medical doctors had failed them. Through countless hours of bodywork she created this Recipe which changes bodies (I have seen and felt the changes firsthand). The 10 sessions are actually one complete session but since it is unproductive to work on someone for 10 hours (the nervous system would simply overload and the precious time between sessions for integration would be negated) the Recipe is broken down to 10 sessions each building upon the last.

Each session has individual goals which we will achieve but they are not limited to these goals. You will definitely feel the work move through your body and will no doubt discover something entirely different than the expected goal occurring in your system.

Session 1

Free the ribs and intercostal muscles in order to increase your vital energy and expand your breathing capacity. Begin separating the girdles by raising the chest off of the hips. Begin horizontalizing the hips.

Session 2

Create a solid base for you to stand your ground by focusing on the legs and feet. By creating a better foundation your back is allowed to lengthen to its full extent. Again, horizontalize the hips.

Session 3

Create the lateral (outer) line of the body with the primary focus being between the neck and hips - shoulders play a key role in this session. Relationship between the front and back of the body is main focus of this session.

Session 4

We begin to go deeper in this session by talking to the inner core space, the pelvic floor. The dynamic inner (medial) line begins to come alive by working the pelvic area, hips, adductors, hamstrings and some sacral tissue. Upper back works balances out the new legs which begin to emerge.

Session 5

The medial line is carried through the central vertical line adding length to the front of the body. The abdominal area, hip flexors, quadricep, arms and hands are main areas worked in this session.

Session 6

In order to create a free and breathing sacrum the entire gluteal area, hamstrings, sacrum and back extensors will be recruited for work during this session.

Session 7

In order to put your head on in this session, 1-6 need to have occurred (Ida Rolf believed if you do not have a solid base you will hang from above). Upper back, thoracic inlet head, neck along with some mouth work will be the primary areas addressed.

Session 8

Session eight and nine is where integration begins and can be alternated between upper and lower sessions. 8 is usually a lower body session relating the lower body structures to the lumbar-dorsal hinge (low back).

Session 9

Usually an upper body session relating the structures of the upper body to the mid-dorsal hinge (mid back).

Session 10

Reconnects and integrates the core and sleeve of your body. Usually beginning at your feet and continuing up to your head. Creating an entire integration of your body is the goal. You will feel free in your body as you leave this session.

At the end of the 10 sessions you will have a well integrated body. Dr. Rolf firmly believed that a well integrated body becomes weightless, it doesn't experience the pull of gravity.

Maui Massage - Quote of the day

quote "I have received the full 10 series of Structural Integration Sessions on 3 different occasions. I am grateful for all 3 of my Rolfers over the past 17 years. Laura is, by far, the most intuitive and professional among them..." unquote

- - A. Claybourne, Haiku

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